Master your JavaScript skills

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As a proficient developer, one must always hone their skills on the go. As we grow, we start to understand any complex problem better and we also tend to solve it with the simplest of logic. So, the lesser the code, the cleaner it is.

Cleaning code helps with maintaining…

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User management has become an important part of modern SaaS operations, and, as such, a good user management tool is nothing short of a necessity. Like the phrase suggests, a user management tool helps you, basically, manage users! There’s more to it, though.

A user management tool allows you to…

Tips to become a JavaScript Pro

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As a developer, we all must know how to get our code to work. But how many times do we try to keep our code crisp and clean? One must always remember every line of code could potentially cause one extra problem — and so one must always be wary…

A wise man weighs his options right

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AWS EC2 is one of the most commonly used cloud services out there, however, when not used right it could be downright expensive. So, here are a few tips for you to use EC2 effectively so that you don't burn a hole in your pocket.

EC2 options

The most famous instance option…

No More Worries about Late Payment

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AWS offers a large number of resources and services, and it is very easy to over-spend money in AWS and obviously, you do not want that. You should always keep eye on your AWS usage and its bills. Therefore, the first thing you should do after creating your AWS account…

Storing keys, tokens, passwords are not Challenging anymore

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Storing secrets like keys, tokens, passwords is one of the challenging tasks in any project, especially Test Automation projects. Have you ever wondered how we can make it secure and easy to manage at the same time? AWS Secrets Manager comes in handy in this case. …

How to Upload, Store, and Retrieve files from AWS S3

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Most of our applications will have a use case of uploading or storing a file and then retrieving them later. Simple Storage Service (S3) is one of the wonderful services provided by AWS. In this article, let’s follow the steps on how to configure and use S3 to upload files…

Reduce your deployment cost by almost 90%

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AWS offers services to build serverless applications, where you can focus on your code, business logic, and product, rather than the infrastructure and provisioning of the service.

What is Serverless?

Serverless is a development model that allows us to build and run applications without having to manage servers. …

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A source code is arguably the most significant facet of computer software. It is an entity that is never seen by the end-user and is only accessible to the developers. It’s the foundation of a program, and as such, source code is an indispensable part of a software’s life cycle.

Five Simple But Efficient Debugging Methodologies

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Debugging is a broad topic in Software Engineering; whatever technology we are using to develop our software, we’ll need to know about debugging. Some debugging techniques are generic and can be applied anywhere, but specialized debugging techniques are also there to support specific technologies. …

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