It’s About Time To Start Using SWR In Your React App

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Common data fetching practices such as the Fetch API or the Axios library work well in React. They can be used to send and fetch data very easily.

But what about caching/data pagination/automatic revalidation or request deduplication? All this needs to be handled by us, as neither Fetch nor Axios…

Tips to become a Python pro

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Whenever we work with Python applications, profiling is necessary as it increases the application’s performance — quicker response time for the user and fast processing of your inputs. Profiling helps optimize the code, i.e., replace statements and functions that consume too many CPU resources with those that consume lesser resources…

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User management has become an important part of modern SaaS operations, and, as such, a good user management tool is nothing short of a necessity. Like the phrase suggests, a user management tool helps you, basically, manage users! There’s more to it, though.

A user management tool allows you to…

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